Country. Roots. Warblers, pickers & grinners. This is Alice & The Underground, a crew of old souls playing tunes about feelings. 

Alice Sorensen, Jon Hildenstein, and Douglas Rosebank have been working together since early 2016. Having all enjoyed long, diverse music careers, they've come together to keep it simple and play good music. 

Alice grew up singing arias and playing classical piano, while occasionally belting "Achy Breaky Heart" in her father's country band. Upon moving to New York, she began to occasionally sing and play with Nick Loss-Eaton of Leland Sundries, accompanying them briefly on tour and singing on their latest album, Music for Outcasts. After exploring the solo music scene for awhile and playing a few gigs, Alice found she liked playing with others much better and began playing and writing songs with Jon Hildenstein.

Jon Hildenstein, owner of Brooklyn's DJ Fix and lead guitarist of Erika E João, is also associated with Leland Sundries, having mastered their latest album at The Creamery and played lead guitar for tours past.  In addition to mastering records for JLM and composing soundtracks for films and TV, Jon brings multi-genre songwriting experience to the trio, having written for many musical projects (including The Howling Monkeys) as well as his own solo artistry. 

Douglas Rosebank hails from the British Isle of Man, but has adjusted quite well to the ways of Brooklyn these past ten-ish years. Having also played in Leland Sundries, Douglas begrudgingly answered Jon's beckon to come and drum in the underground.  Douglas does not have anything come up when you Google his name. In addition to swinging sticks for Alice and The Underground, Douglas offers a considerable songwriting presence, having penned some tunes for other projects but I don't know what they are, because he is a wannabe dodger, and as such, there are no records.  



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